Marriage Mediation

Marriage Mediation is new. It has grown out of the Divorce Mediation practice as mediators have sat with couples ostensibly to begin discussion of divorce mediation only for all present at the table to suddenly recognize that there is more that binds the couple together in the relationship than separates them.

I have come to feel that any marriage is worth preserving if the parties themselves can believe it possible. However, it is very hard work because it usually means both parties have to change some of their behaviors that have become habit.

I’m reminded of the young couple with two small children, where the husband worked 60 – 70 hours a week in his efforts to be a “good provider” for his family. His young wife, overwhelmed with the demands of two in diapers and feeling so lonely, sought divorce. they came to mediation to decide how to proceed.

They ended up recognizing each others strengths and needs; they listened; they reconciled.

Preparing to Come

To prepare you for the type of work we will do in Marriage Mediation, take a look at the Beginning Anew exercise.

To prepare you for the way you will communicate with your spouse in Marriage Mediation, read Effective Communication Guidelines.

Before you come to the first session, please download, and fill-out, the following:

Marriage Mediation Questionnaire
[gview file=””]

Marriage Mediation Contract
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It would be helpful if you could send both completed Marriage Mediation Questionnaires to June a few days before your first session.

Session Format

You have the choice of two Marriage Mediation formats:

  • 90 minute sessions with June.
  • 90 minute co-mediated sessions with June and her husband of 30 years Steve Lieman (or June and a male therapist colleague).