June’s Biography

June came to Massachusetts over 30 years ago, having spent her early years in Maine. At that time she was the single mother of two small children, and a high school guidance counselor. Subsequently she remarried and went to law school. She is now a wife, mother, stepmother and grandmother. Her combined educational background, work experience, and personal life experience has made her especially well suited to working as a Mediator. She has a broad and deep understanding of life and the difficulties faced by individuals, families, and in the workplace environment.

Professionally she has served as a consulting pro-bono attorney for a variety of non-profit organizations, including Indian Hill Music Center, First Parish Church of Groton Unitarian Universalist, Nashua River Watershed Association, Groton Conservation Trust, Groton Land Foundation Inc., and North Central Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

Currently she serves on the Board of the Groton Ministerial Fund of the First Parish Church of Groton Unitarian Universalist, is a lead facilitator for Communities for Restorative Justice based in Concord, and is a lead volunteer facilitator in the Alternatives to Violence Program at the Shirley medium and minimum security prisons.

For June’s full resume please read June’s Resume.