Elder Mediation


The aging process is not always an easy one. As parents age family roles often change. Sometimes, how those roles will change becomes a source of conflict within families. At a time when families need to lean on one other for emotional support they find themselves in conflict with the very people who can give them that support – their own family.

June Adams Johnson is proud to team up with Barbara Rich, an experienced advocate and facilitator, to offer elders and their adult families mediation support during these often difficult transitions. Each family member will have the opportunity to articulate their concerns and engage in respectful conversation with the elder and other family members to come to a reasonable and satisfactory solution to the issues at hand.

How Elder/Adult Family Mediation Works

Working together, in the safety and confidentiality of mediation, we will:

  • determine who will be at the table,
  • encourage all parties to articulate their goals,
  • create and approve the agenda,
  • mutually develop ground rules,
  • discuss group problem-solving approaches,
  • create a plan of action.

Preparing to Come

Before you come to the first session, please download, and fill-out the following:

Family Mediation Questionnaire

[gview file=”http://commongroundmediation.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/questionnaireF.pdf”]

Family Mediation Contract

[gview file=”http://commongroundmediation.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/contractF.pdf”]

It would be helpful if each family member could send a completed Family Mediation Questionnaire to June a few days before your first session.