Barbara J. Rich, M.Ed.

Barbara has been trained by Elder Decisions, a division of Agreement Resources LLC, as an Elder/Adult Mediator. Her goal is to help parties experience autonomy while feeling heard and acknowledged. She strives to work toward peaceful resolutions and agreements, understanding the dynamics for all those involved.

Barbara is an Advocate/Consultant in Special Education helping to build bridges between families and school systems throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. She understands the importance of active, reflective listening and questioning, which brings people together toward a common goal.

Barbara has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Emerson College, and an M.Ed. in Special Education from Boston College in teaching and administration.

As a former hospice volunteer with Nashoba Nursing and Hospice in Shirley, MA, she understands the concerns of adults and families over the life span. She is a volunteer facilitator and mediator with Communities for Restorative Justice in Massachusetts. Barbara teaches Kripalu Yoga in her private studio in Groton.

Barbara is proud to be the grandmother of ten grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 25.