Family Mediation

Family mediation can help families deal with a wide range of conflicts. The most common issues that bring families to mediation are:

  • Planning for the care of parents.
  • Estate dispute issues between family members.
  • Family co-owners of real estate issues.
  • Family business co-owner issues.
  • Post-divorce issues.

Elder Mediation

A specialized subset of Family Mediation is Elder Mediation. Adult children may find themselves in conflict with siblings and their elder parents as they try to adapt to their changing roles. Common Ground Mediation offers Elder Advocacy and Mediation to help with this specific family issue.

Is Mediation for You?

Here are some questions to help you make that decision.

  1. Do you want to mutually decide the outcome rather than have a third party impose a solution?
  2. Are you looking for a time and money saving approach?
  3. Will you have a continuing relationship with the other party after this matter is resolved?
  4. Are you interested in a fair and reasonable resolution for all concerned more than the absolute top dollar solution for you?
  5. Are you willing to acknowledge that the other party may have some good ideas worth considering?
  6. Would you consider modifying your current thinking based on the concerns of the other party?
  7. Are you able to put some of your bitterness, anger, fear, sadness, and hurt on the “back burner” while you work out the practical aspects of a resolution of the issues?

Preparing to Come

Before you come to the first session, please download, and fill-out the following:

  • Family Mediation Questionnaire
  • Family Mediation Contract

It would be helpful if each family member could send a completed Family Mediation Questionnaire to June a few days before your first session.