Divorce Process When Using Mediation

Here is an overview of the divorce process when you use divorce mediation:

  1. You and your spouse will meet with June to decide on the details of your agreement.
  2. Once you have agreed upon the legal aspects of your divorce, June will draft your divorce agreement. June will give you the Court forms for you to fill out yourselves.
  3. June strongly recommends that each spouse have the draft divorce agreement reviewed by an attorney you each retain on your separate behalf, before you sign the document.
  4. You may file for divorce on your own, without legal representation. For details of this process, go to Directions for Filing with Court.
  5. June will coach you on your likely experience in Court when you appear before the judge for your divorce.

Helpful Information

Please refer to Divorce Law for Non-Lawyers for helpful information on:

  • Unequal Property Divisions
  • Timing of Asset values
  • Duration and Amount of Financial Support
  • Relocation of Children

If you have children under 18 years of age, the Commonwealth requires that each parent take a two session parenting class (current cost $80) before you file for a Hearing on your divorce. Here is a list of authorized providers of Parent Education Programs in our area.
For helpful information about Health Insurance and Wage Assignments in orders of support, please refer to Health Insurance.

Useful Links

You may find the following links helpful as you go through the divorce process:

These are basic forms which apply to all counties.

Parenting in Divorce

For information about parenting in divorce, the following sites are helpful:

About Mediation

If you have further questions about mediation, the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation site is helpful.