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Divorce Agreement Planning

In all divorces it is required that there be a full disclosure of assets held by both parties. In all agreements the parties need to make arrangements for:

  1. Allocation of debts
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Income Tax: the filing of returns, allocation of refunds or deductions
  5. Division of pension and retirement interests
    Division of personal property
  6. Division of Real Estate

In divorces that involve children, the following arrangements also need to be made:

  1. Legal and Physical Custody
  2. Child Support
  3. Parenting Plan: allocation of time between parents
  4. College Education
  5. Payment of uninsured medical and dental expenses for the children

When it is appropriate, alimony also needs to be considered.

First Session Documentation Necessary for Divorce Planning

In order to address the issues listed above you need to bring the following documentation, as complete as possible, to your first appointment:

  1. Four most recent pay stubs and most recent W2’s or 1099’s and last years tax return. If you are self-employed, bring the last three (3) years tax returns.
  2. Latest statements of mortgages, loans, credit card debt, IRA’s 401K’s, other retirement plans, savings accounts, and investment statements, as applicable.
  3. “Blue Book” value of vehicles, balance of loan if applicable, and estimated value of other significant personal property such as boats and motorcycles, etc.
  4. Fair market opinion of value of any real estate you own (done by a real estate broker as a free service, though your own opinion is fine as a preliminary).
  5. Face value and cash value of any life insurance policies.
    Terms of your health insurance, including cost and the insurance company’s policy on benefits for an ex-spouse.

Divorce Mediation Information Form

In addition to the arrangements that need to be addressed, you are also required to complete a Financial Statement for the Court. To assist in completing the Financial Statement, please download, print out, complete, and bring with you this Information Form.

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Divorce Mediation Contract

Finally, please download, print out, complete, and bring with you an unsigned Divorce Mediation Contract.

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