What is Mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative way of resolving a dispute. It can be used in any dispute where the parties can commit to a process of working together with a neutral third party to negotiate and create their own solution to their dispute.

My Role as Mediator

My approach as a mediator is to help the parties explore all their options and the consequences of their choices. My role is to be the balance wheel, listening carefully, making sure each party has their say and is heard by the other. I structure the “process” of the mediation; the parties are in control of the decisions.

As the mediator, I do not represent either party as a lawyer. However, because of my legal training I can draft the legal agreement that will be binding on the parties and can be adopted by a court. I advise each party to consult with an attorney or other relevant professional, such as an accountant, at any point in the mediation, and especially prior to signing any agreement.

If applicable in your situation I can “coach” you on representing yourself in the court process by letting you know what to expect. Alternately, you can retain an attorney to help you with the court process.

Why Mediation?

Mediation shortens the time of resolution and saves money. The parties, finding common ground, making their own decisions, can move on to a new level if there is to be a continuing relationship; if not, they can let each other go with respect and a sense of completion.

Ultimately, we teach our children, and the world, by modeling the behavior that we want. What message do we want to send? Do we want to teach a “fight it out, my way or else” mentality, or a “work it through, talk it through” approach? Make no mistake, mediation is not for people looking for an easy way out. For a conflicted relationship it is very hard work. To put aside some of the bad feeling and acrimony in search of a fair and reasonable agreement for everyone takes courage, commitment, and sometimes forgiveness.

Types of Mediation Available

We offer the following types of mediation:

If for some reason mediation is not a viable option for you, arbitration is also available. Please contact the office for more details.